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A new company founded with the goal of increasing productivity creating new values and to develop innovative products and services within the bio and wood processing industry.

From our beginnings we are oriented towards increasing productivity by finding innovative and modern solutions in environment protection, partial bio waste exploitation and creating new products out of them.

The production highlight is our automated manufacturing of euro pallets which follows strict standards of the EPAL organization.

This production compared to others on our market is differentiated by highly automated and carefully monitored processes which allow for great flexibility and fast reactions following our clients' needs.

The second important activity revolves around bio waste processing (wheat hay) into high-quality litter for all kinds of animals.

We are a young and eco-friendly team with great passion for increasing the natural resources efficiency and environment protection. We pay great attention towards protection at work following strict regulations and rules of behaviour.

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Contact us

Braće Krajanski 23, Varazdin, Croatia

+385 (0)42/305-074
+385 (0)42/305-079