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Professional bio pellets for horse stalls

BioCare pellet is a great, 100% natural product. Free from all microorganisms and allergens. Prepared for pelleting the horse stalls.

Made out of hay of great quality harvested on the rich fields of Međimurje and Varaždin Counties and balanced with certain amount of moisture which combined with hay and other bio products gives the pellets the best quality in terms of hardness which then turns into a warm and clean area under the horse's hoofs.

During the manufacturing process, it is cleaned several times from dust and allergens, and during the actual pelleting it is heated up to 85-93°C which removes all microorganisms.

The absorbing capacity is 10x greater than that of the scattered pellets and can absorb up to 4x more than its content.

Extremely well soaking capacity and neutralization of ammonia. Saves time and money while having the horses reside in a dry area without dust inhalation. One fill of 8+2 sacks is enough for 4 weeks (8 sacks are dispersed across the stalls while the two sacks are used for repelleting on the especially moist parts of the stalls).

BioCare package contains 20 l


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BioCare - professional bio pellets for horse stalls

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  10,55 kg

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  10,50 kg

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646,00 kg

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