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HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a controlling system which enables identification, assessment and setting up a control system over the chemical, physical nd biological hazards that are important for food safety in any phase of preparation, manufacturing, processing, packaging, stocking, transport and distribution of food. The system and the procedures based on the principles of HACCP system must enable recognition of all biological, chemical and physical hazards that might pose a threat to human health.

The HACCP system consists of the following principles:

  1. determining all hazards that must be prevented, removed or reduced to the acceptable levels
  2. determining the critical control points and control points in the step(s) where the control is required for preventing, removing or reducing the hazards
  3. determining the critical boundaries at the crtitical control pints and control points that divide acceptable from unacceptable with the goal of preventing, removing or reducing to the acceptable level the recognized hazards
  4. establishing and implementing the effective procedures for monitoring critical control points and control points
  5. determining the corrective measures which will be undertaken if the monitoring system alerts that the critical control point is not under control
  6. establishing procedures which are implemented regularly to verify the efficiency of measures from the previously stated items
  7. establishing the documentation and keeping records according to the type and size of the industrial plant in regard of doing business with food, which will prove the efficient implementation of the previously stated items

BIOVINIS ltd is a proud holder of this certificated, which is issued by ICR International Certification Registrar Ltd.


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