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The integrated terms for environment protection Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control (IPPC) are regulatory systems which implement the integrated approach to controlling the industrial emissions influence towards the air, water and soil, which includes defining suitable mechanisms of environment protection in the process of receiving the environmental permit for an industrial plant. To receive the IPPC permit, the industrial plant owners must show that they've devised suggestions for a systematic implementation of the best available practices for prevention and monitoring of the pollution of the environment and that they re compliant with other specific terms of environment protection on the specific site.

IPPC is implemented so that the following goals of environment protection can be accomplished:

  • environment protection as a whole by preventing or lowering to the lowest amount possible of the emissions into the air, soil and water
  • energy and raw material consumption lowering, recycling and re-use
  • using clean technologies for lowering the pollution at the source
  • encouraging innovation and responsibility of the industrial owners for developing satisfactory solutions for environment protection
  • establishing centres where one can find out about creating applications in a single place
  • simplifying and empowering the responsible institutions

The integrated terms for environment protection are applied to industrial pants (including new and old ones) for which the responsible institutions need to approve the environmental permit. All industrial plants in Croatia which must receive the environmental permit are listed in the business activities that might cause pollution emissions into the soil, water or sea in the Addendum I of the Statute of the procedure for determining the integrated terms for environment protection (NN 114/2008).

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